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RICEDUKE IS BACK with a very brief reaction and review to the trailer that dropped for Game Of Thrones Season 8! Season 8 Episode 1 Review coming April 15th!

In 2012, reality TV was beginning to become mainstream and children's cartoons were getting a TV-PG rating due to shocking moments that can make SCOOBY-DOO look like SESAME STREET, People began to give up on their cable. One person came and expressed his opinion about it. He made social commentary about it in the most ...continue reading "NOTHING ON TV (2012) Commentary – MATTHEW LAMONT"

Wow! What a way to wake up with the end of an era… Found out today that one of our favorite nostalgic television networks has been re branded by CraveTV. The Movie Network which ran from 1993 – 2018 was basically the Canadian version of HBO providing years of entertainment, movies and original programming. When ...continue reading "A Farewell to The Movie Network"