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Jay remembers going to Blockbuster video and picking up the Classic Anime Film Lensman: The Secret of the Lens. Licensed and distributed by Streamline Pictures the Lensman film was in many ways the first experience most people had experienced Anime in the late 1980s. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Believe it or not there are some Anime which Jay isn't fond of. Take Burn Up OVA for instance. This one shot direct to video anime was a favorite of Jay's in the 90s. Looking back at it today Jay's opinion is a little different than it was years ago. A typical example of anime ...continue reading "Burn Up OVA Anime Review – Mega Jay Retro"

With the release of the new movie, Jay reviews an Anime which would change the way he looked at action scenes in animation forever with the Battle Angel OVA an anime published by A.D. Vision in 1993 at a local Blockbuster video. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Mega Jay Retro continues his highlights of 2018. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Mega Jay Retro takes a retrospective on 2018 to see the ups and downs of the year. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: