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In this video JTIsReborn takes a look at the first issue in Robbie Thompson's run on Teen Titans. Let's see how the new writer handles this team.

JT talks about Teen Titans Issue 35 by Adam Glass. After reading this issue he has some thoughts to say about it and this run as a whole. Plot: The Teen Titans’ traitor is finally revealed as all their scheming finally comes to a head! How will the team deal with the betrayal, and to ...continue reading "Teen Titans (2016) #35 Review – JTISREBORN"

JTIsReborn talks about the latest issue of DC Comics Deathstroke. Plot: Deathstroke is back and more ruthless than ever as he challenges the Legion of Doom and continues a bloody rampage to attain the power that Lex Luthor gave to Slade’s son, Jericho. Meanwhile, the tragic deaths of two teenagers in a sleepy Arkansas county ...continue reading "Deathstroke (2016) #48 Review – JTISREBORN"

In this video JTIsReborn reviews issue 34 if Teen Titans. In this issue we find out who the real traitor within the team is as we make way for the other to show up soon.

JTIsReborn takes a look at Issue 47 of Deathstroke. Plot: After being pronounced dead, Slade Wilson awakens in his daughter’s apartment with no memory of how he got there. Meanwhile, Jericho’s newly discovered powers continue to escalate, severing the now-godlike Joseph from his own humanity. Will absolute power corrupt Deathstroke’s good son?