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This is the first part of Cinematic Trash's physical media collection. This is only a very small portion of the collection with the TCM sets.

Happy New Year movie fans! Kicking off 2019 with the very first episode of Cinematic Trash's new series "Influential People Who Died Too Early". This episode talking about the legendary edgy actor James Dean.

Merry Christmas movie fans! Today,  we introduced our newest member Cinematic Trash with the gift of shitty science fiction. In this "B" movie, Santa Claus is kidnapped by martians to do their bidding. Though this idea sounds awesome on paper, the execution in the final product was much different, though this is still a great ...continue reading "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) Review – CINEMATIC TRASH"

Wow! What a way to wake up with the end of an era… Found out today that one of our favorite nostalgic television networks has been re branded by CraveTV. The Movie Network which ran from 1993 – 2018 was basically the Canadian version of HBO providing years of entertainment, movies and original programming. When ...continue reading "A Farewell to The Movie Network"

Nick Jackson along with KPF wrap up Nick's long running Godzilla review series discussing the Top 15 best Godzilla films in the franchise.