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We continue our journey into the Godzilla Anime Trilogy with the 2nd film in the Trilogy as a City is On The Edge Of Battle. Original Review:

JTIsReborn is back to talk about the direct sequel to the previous film with the second act of the Kiyru Trilogy, Godzilla: Tokyo SOS. 30 Days Of Godzilla Review

JTIsReborn talks about the first in a 2 part series of films centered around MechaGodzilla, also known as Kiyru. 30 Days Of Godzilla Review

For the next Heisei Era film on Godzilla Rewatch, JTIsReborn discusses the second incarnation of one of Godzilla's greatest foes with Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla II. 30 Days Of Godzilla Reviews:

JTIsReborn talks about the final Godzilla film in the Showa series with Terror Of MechaGodzilla. 30 Days Of Godzilla Review: