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Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan had their solo movies in the past. But, did you ever wonder about what would it be like, if the three-headed golden goliath, King Ghidorah, had his movie? TWITTER FACEBOOK BLOG

In this video JTIsReborn discusses a fan theory as to how and why Kong could potentially gain his electrical abilities in Godzilla VS Kong. Link to Interview with Michael Dougherty Where he discusses the post credit scene of Godzilla King of the Monsters:

"Save Mothra!" Check out KPF's Fan Made Godzilla VS Kong trailer in match with the original 2015 teaser for Batman V Superman. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KAIJU NETWORK is the one place where you can find all sorts of News, Documentaries, and Original Series based off of the characters "King Kong", "Godzilla", and ...continue reading "Godzilla VS Kong (Batman V Superman Style) Fan Trailer – KAIJU NETWORK"

JTIsReborn discusses the post credit scene of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters and how it sets up the future of the Monsterverse going forward. As well as give some predictions for what could happen.

KPF looks at what has recently surfaced of the original 2014 San Diego Comic Con Teaser for the Skull Island film, which would become Kong: Skull Island. At this time though it was it's own independent prequel that had nothing to do with Godzilla (2014) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KAIJU NETWORK is the ...continue reading "Original 2014 SDCC “Skull Island” Teaser REVEALED (FINALLY!) – KAIJU NETWORK"