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Wrapping up Marvel Rewatch JTIsReborn finally got around to seeing Captain Marvel for the first time. So how does the final film before Avengers Endgame stack up against all the others?Watch the video to find out.

It's all been leading to this.. Well actually it's technically been leading to Endgame but who cares. JTIsReborn is here to talk about Infinity War! Link To Original Review:

Marvel Rewatch today is the beginning of the end as JTIsReborn talks about Thor Ragnarok. Is the 3rd time the charm with this one? Or are there really just no good Thor movies?

Hello everyone and welcome in to episode 16 of the Marvel Rewatch. In this video we get to talking about Spider-Man Homecoming. Is this a great Spider-Man movie or is it not? Watch the video to hear JTIsReborn's thoughts on it.