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JTIsReborn covers the first two films in the Monsterverse with Godzilla (2014) as well as Kong :Skull Island. 30 Days Of Godzilla: Kong: Skull Island Review:

On this Godzilla Rewatch, we finish up talking about the Millennium series with one of the craziest Godzilla movies of all in Godzilla Final Wars. 30 Days Of Godzilla Reviews:

JTIsReborn is back to talk about the direct sequel to the previous film with the second act of the Kiyru Trilogy, Godzilla: Tokyo SOS. 30 Days Of Godzilla Review

JTIsReborn talks about the first in a 2 part series of films centered around MechaGodzilla, also known as Kiyru. 30 Days Of Godzilla Review