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Behold, someone had the guts to make a live-action version of a cartoon. Not just any cartoon, a preschool cutesie cartoon. Only this time, it is getting a grown-up make-over! It was loved by little kids, but torture to adults and older viewers. This is Dora The Explorer in DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF ...continue reading "DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD – Trailer Reaction Video – MATTHEW LAMONT"

JTIsReborn talks about the final Godzilla film in the Showa series with Terror Of MechaGodzilla. 30 Days Of Godzilla Review:

Smitty and Cinematic Trash talk about their film projects and movies in general. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cinematic Trash:

In 1974, Godzilla celebrated his 20th Anniversary and combated one of his greatest foes. Here's JTIsReborn to discuss the history of the original Godzilla VS MechaGodzilla. 30 Days Of Godzilla Reviews: