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Jay is going back to San Diego Comic Con 2019! This is the 50th anniversary of San Diego Comic Con, so there's bound to be a lot of fun events, guests, exclusives and more!

Patreon Page! Ever wonder how to order multiple pieces of the same item from AliExpress? This simple guide will show step by step how Jay ordered multiple phone holders from a supplier on AliExpress. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

PATREON - The time has come to talk about the GOLDEN AGE of Cartoons! The 1980s! Jay remembers the Legendary "Defender of the Universe" the one and only "Voltron"! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Jay takes a trip east to Ajax Ontario to the "Toy Invasion" Ajax Toy Show. There Jay tries to find some vintage toys from his youth, does he come back with anything? Patreon: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Patreon Back in the 80s Television Specials were all the rage, especially for kids who could stay up later than usual to watch Halloween episodes or Christmas specials. Jay remembers watching "Care Bears: In the Land Without Feelings" back in 1983 at his friend Jeremy's birthday party, and boy did this cartoon ever freak ...continue reading "Care Bears In the Land Without Feelings – Mega Jay Retro Review"