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Jay takes a look back at the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Originally created as animated shorts created to open for feature length films back in the 1940s Tom and Jerry set the standard for slap stick humour in cartoons. The Eternal story of Cat Vs. Mouse first ...continue reading "Tom & Jerry (1940-1967) Review – Mega Jay Retro"

Jay takes some time out to visit Genrecon, a geek culture event in Guelph Ontario. Jay meets up with his friends Dan and Steve at GenereCon. The special guests were a pair of Power Rangers. Jay also met with Little Dragon Corp who creates custom Dice! The owner Colette Chappell's Kickstarter has been successfully funded ...continue reading "GenreCon 2019 (Ft. Power Rangers Chris Violette & Brennan Mejia) MEGA JAY RETRO"

Mega Jay Retro Reviews the Anker SoundCore AND Revisits the Portable Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof outdoor speaker T2. Ducktails The Moon (Remix II) Cover by James Ronald: Anker Soundcore Bluetooth available on Amazon: T2 Bluetooth Speaker available on ebay: Pentatonix - Daft Punk Music Video: Please like comment and subscribe to my ...continue reading "Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker Vs. T2 Waterproof BlueTooth Speaker – MEGA JAY RETRO REVIEW"

Believe it or not there are some Anime which Jay isn't fond of. Take Burn Up OVA for instance. This one shot direct to video anime was a favorite of Jay's in the 90s. Looking back at it today Jay's opinion is a little different than it was years ago. A typical example of anime ...continue reading "Burn Up OVA Anime Review – Mega Jay Retro"

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