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KPF along with several guests cover the latest Kaiju News and Media. PART 1   PART 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KPF is the one network where you can find all sorts of News, Documentaries, and Original Series based off of the characters "Godzilla", "King Kong", "Gamera", and many others including the Pacific ...continue reading "KPF Kaiju Network’s EPIC Livestream Special!"

KING KONG (2016) FAN FILM UPDATE!   Allot of you might be wondering where our King Kong Fan Film has gone recently. Well as we stated in one of our recent announcement videos, the film will be leaving its original channel release today on November 1st 2018. The film is moving to the official BigJackFilms ...continue reading "KING KONG (2016) FAN FILM UPDATE!"