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CHANNEL UPDATE! (May 17th 2019)

Hey guys,

So a few little updates on the Channel and the Website to go over. First off we would like to apologize for the lack of new content as of the last few days as well as the constant delays on the 100th Episode and the BigJackFilms Reviews as a whole. This month has been very dry and the videos are becoming more and more outlandish and ambitious and adding more and more to make them better. The downside is that delivery dates have been off the board indefinably which was not the original plan.

We had scheduled the 100th Episode as well as new episodes of the BigJackFilms/King Kong Reviews to be on a consistent schedule with a new episode every Friday. However May has had more than its fare shares of re scheduling and home living to keep us occupied which should be top priority in life. As much as YouTube is our job it’s also our hobby despite how much time and effort we put in to giving you guys content almost every day of the week. But things such as personal/financial living and social activity have to come first. For example, we’ve had a recent spring cleaning of the studio as well as social activities to take a break from just being at work all day. On top of that May is also the time for our biggest convention Anime North which yes, we will be there next weekend from May 23rd – 26th. We will be vlogging the event for a future Convention Adventure as well as shooting elements for both the 100th Episode and future projects. If you would like to join us there, link below to purchase tickets.


But with that said, the original consistent one episode a week schedule as we’ve discovered is pretty much an impossible task. With that said, we are now coming up with a new plan on the drawing board. The BigJackFilms/King Kong Reviews will still be coming all through the year don’t get us wrong, but the episodes will be released when they are 100% finished and we want to take our time on them to present the best content we can. Another option is to film and release episodes in blocks, meaning theyre will be a period of time with new consistent episode every week and then a few weeks to a month or two break in between. We do have scheduled delivery dates for certain episodes though. For example the 100th Episode will be split into 3 parts on a once a week delivery, We have plans for anniversary retrospectives on both Disney’s The Lion King (1994) and Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) as well as our massive Halloween special this year. However other episodes that we had in between all of that will be done when planned which to be honest, we had a whole years’ worth of weekly episodes. But again we wanna take our time on the big ones. We’ll try to have smaller episodes in between but there’s no consistency on their releases.

So what can you expect in between all of the episodes? Well we have new content on the way and that are in the works. We’ve noticed allot of positive reception on reaction videos and since those are easy to edit, you can expect more in the future. We’re also expanding and continuing the Opening Night videos on today’s hottest movies with not only Jack covering them, but expanding to our team members to help provide more content on the channel. We also wanna potentially reach out to other content creators who would like to put videos out on the channel to help build and audience for us and for themselves. Those on our Channel Friends page, we will be reaching out to you down the line. We also have plans to continue Food Corner, Fanmail Fanatics as well as releasing Classic Videos from our early days on YouTube such as LEGO shorts and older home movies including our first film made 20 years ago.

Now in terms of appearances at local and nationwide conventions, things are a little tight at the moment. Unfortunately this year we are unable to make it to G-Fest in Chicago this year due to our transportation being cancelled at the last minute. We had a wonderful time last year meeting allot of our fans and we apologize for the inconvenience of those attending this year. However do not greave as we plan to make a full comeback next year at G-Fest 2020 which is more appropriate for us with the release of Legendary Pictures Godzilla VS Kong. In terms of other conventions. We will be attending mostly local conventions in Ontario Canada. Anime North for one but also FanExpo, Transformers Con, and potentially for the first time Yeti Con. So if you’re in the local areas of these conventions, feel free to meet us there.

We would also like to take this time to say thank you to all our supporters who have helped the channel financially stay consistent. If you would like to support this channel we are open to donations via paypal or you can support us on Patreon for $1 or more a month to earn rewards and bonus content. We will be changing our rewards system for the better soon so stay tuned for the latest.   


Despite our first plan of a consistent schedule, we appreciate the patience our viewers and fans have waiting for new content and we want to make it the best we can by adding more and topping ourselves further and further with bigger productions and better adventures. We can’t wait to share with you what we have in store and we hope you enjoy what’s to come.

Until next time, we’ll see you guys later.

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