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Allot of you might be wondering where our King Kong Fan Film has gone recently. Well as we stated in one of our recent announcement videos, the film will be leaving its original channel release today on November 1st 2018. The film is moving to the official BigJackFilms YouTube Channel on December 14th 2018 with a remastered audio picture and original score.
The original version which gained over 300,000 views in its original run is sadly not a complete film due to poor composited effects and a workprint score using several copyrighted tracks which unfortunately damaged the audio to "ear destroying" results. For the last two years, we've cleaned up the film to much better quality results as we possibly can for you to enjoy as it was originally intended. We are in no way giving the film a George Lucas esc Special Edition with added crappy CGI and pointless stuff in the frame, but we did tighten the film a bit in editing and cleaned up some of the effects for a much better viewing experience.
However if you would like to see the film quicker, we'd like to offer a special challenge. If we can get up to 3,000 subscribers before December 14th, we will release the film early for your enjoyment. All you have to do is Subscribe and Share our channel and content. Only you can get it out here early. The sooner the better.
We can't wait to present the film to you the way it was meant to be seen and we hope you enjoy this new and improved print of The Legend Reborn.

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